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Apartment        Price in Euro
Apartment Typ 1A in Karolinengasse 28/12.        1200- 1400Euro
Apartment Typ 1B in Mühlgasse 15/11.        1100 - 1400Euro
Apartment Typ 2B in Argentinierstrasse 18/2.        850 - 1000Euro
Apartment Typ 3A in Paniglgasse 4/6.        1400 - 1600Euro
Apartment Typ 4B in Karolinengasse 28/36.        850 - 1100Euro
Apartment Typ 4C in Karolinengasse 28/35.        850 - 1200Euro
Apartment Typ 5A in Karolinengasse 28/30.        1200 - 1500Euro
Apartment Typ 6A in Münzwardeingasse 4/12.        850 - 1000Euro
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