Travel by car
Arriving via A22 (coming from direction Prague)

Größere Kartenansicht

If you arrive to Vienna from Prague via the Donauufer motorway (A22), you follow the motorway up to Kaisermuhlen junction, where you exit onto A23 (direction Graz/A2/Linz). On this motorway you will cross the danube and you stay on the motorway for about 4,5 kilometers/2.8 miles until you reach the exit Gurtel/Landstrasser Hauptstrasse. Now you follow Landstrasser Gurtel until you see Belvedere Palace to your right. Here you take a right turn into Prinz Eugen Strasse. At the third corner you take a left turn into Karolinengasse, which you follow up to No. 28 (passing the church).